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Sibelius Academy is looking for new works for the academy´s publication series

The call for publications seeks proposals for publications that promote teaching, artistic activities or research at Sibelius Academy (SibA). The call for publications deadline is 16.4.2023 by 23:59.

The publication proposal must be either a completed manuscript or a fully developed manuscript plan with writing samples. The author of the publication proposal must familiarise themselves with the profiles of the SibA publication series and indicate which publication series the proposal is suitable for (the peer- reviewed series DocMus Research publications has an editorial board that deals with and assesses the manuscripts).

  • Sibelius Academy Publications

The series consists of peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed research publications, including anniversary, conference, and other specialist-audience publications. The series is managed by the Sibelius Academy’s Publication Committee.

  • Folk music publications by the Sibelius Academy in Etno.net

The Etno.net portal includes learning materials and sheet music published by the Sibelius Academy’s Folk Music Department, other written and multimedia publications about folk music, and written components of artistic doctoral theses.

Studies and Reports by the Sibelius Academy

Studies and Reports by the Sibelius Academy is a series of academic development and research reports and studies published online or in print. The series is managed by the Sibelius Academy’s Publication Committee.

  • DocMus Research Publications  

DocMus Research Publications is a series of scholarly research publications by the Sibelius Academy since 2012.The publication series has implemented the label for peer-reviewed scholarly publications of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and is committed to follow the guidelines for the mark. All manuscripts intended for publication in the DocMus Research Publications series (both monographs and anthologies) undergo peer review.

Note that the peer reviewed series DocMus Research Publication has it´s own editorial board and continuous submission process.

More information and instructions: Markus Mantere, Editor in Chief of DocMus Research Publications.

Only publication applications submitted using an online application form (link below) will be considered. Submit your proposal by no later than midnight, 16.4.2023.

The Publications Committee coordinates the production of publications funded and published by the academy. The applicant must take into account key factors that will have an impact on cost: the number of pages or other factor related to scope, publication format (printed/electronic, on-demand printing, website), language proofing and any copyrighted material (e.g. images). The applicant must also report any other funding that has been granted to the project or applied for, even after the application has been approved.

In addition, the applicant must provide a realistic schedule for completion of the layout-ready manuscript and commit to the estimated schedule. Publications should be feasible and available for publication during the 2024 calendar year (unless they are offered for the  DocMus Research Publications series).

Upon receiving a positive decision, the authors shall contact the Publications Committee secretary and chair to discuss matters related to producing the publication. Any changes to the schedule, format, scope or other factors affecting the costs of the publication must be reported to the Publications Committee by no later than October of the planned publication year (2024).

A prerequisite for the actual publication contract is a sufficient level of quality of the layout-ready material submitted by the author(s). Quality assurance is the responsibility of the Publications Committee, or peer reviewed series, and often includes language revision.

A publication decision can also be made on a conditional basis, such as only for online publication and on-demand printing or for a layout-ready manuscript, or it might cover only part of the costs.

The call for publications does not apply to:

  • Recordings, which have their own call for applications (SibaRecords, folk music recordings).
  • Doctoral theses
  • Writing work: Authors are expected to apply for separate funding for this purpose or include writing work in their overall work time plan.

Open the application form (link).

Further information:

Markus Mantere, Chair of the Publications Committee, DocMus Research Publications

Juhani Näreharju, Folk Music Department publications

Henri Wegelius, Secretary of the Publications Committee

Email: firstname.lastname at uniarts.fi

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