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  • Across disciplines

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    Writings from courses that cross artistic disciplines.

  • Acting as Expertise

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    In this blog you can follow activities conducted by the S programme (Degree Programme in Acting in Swedish) and its partners.

  • All the truths we cannot see - a Chernobyl story

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    Follow the international opera project produced by the Sibelius Academy and the USC Thornton School of Music.

  • Art makes a difference

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    Research centre CERADA’s blog offers news and views about how research into arts education can have an impact on society.

  • Art on Kuninkaansaari

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    Writings on the Saari 2020 art event.

  • Art-Up: Artists in Business

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    Get to know the Units Hub’s participants, inspiring people in the industry and the different possibilities of combining artistry and business as an entrepreneur.

  • Artistic Research

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    Writings about contemporary topics, latest events and activities in artistic research.

  • Dig Sibis Jazz

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    This blog is currently under construction. We will be back soon!

  • Dynamic interpretations of the past

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    Exploring the history of performing arts. Uniarts Helsinki’s History Forum’s blog.

  • Ecological Thinking

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    This is the course blog for K-JI-11-22A – Ecological Thinking. In 2022-23, as a year-long collaborative research studio with Aarhus University, DK, Research Pavilion 2023 and Helsinki Biennial 2023 we engage with the themes of environmental data, sensing and contamination.

  • Future doctors in music

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    Doctoral students’ projects currently happening at the Sibelius Academy.

  • KuvA research activities

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    This blog highlights the activities of the research unit and doctoral programme at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki | Tämä blogi esittelee Kuvataideakatemian tutkimusyksikön ja tohtorikoulutusohjelman tapahtumia ja toimintaa | I den här bloggen presenteras verksamheten och evenemangen vid Bildkonstsakademins forskningsenhet och doktorandprogram.

  • Life of an art student

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    What’s it really like to study at Uniarts Helsinki? Student ambassadors answer this and any questions you want to ask!

  • Living art pedagogy

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    Teachers, students, and alumni talk and write about performing arts pedagogy, studying and teaching.

  • Music Education AMP

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    A blog to amplify critical statements and openings for discussion in the field of music education.

  • Opera behind the scenes

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    The Sibelius Academy opera master students write about their experiences and feelings before the premiere

  • Sounding together

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    Writings about the orchestral, choir and ensemble activities of the Sibelius Academy’s Department of Classical Music

  • The AM Times

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    Opinion pieces, reflections and interviews from the arts management world.

  • When performance

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    Posts from students and staff of the Live Art and Performance Studies MA programme.