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  • The summer with no events

    In summer 2020, the world went quiet as most of the mass events around the globe were cancelled. Worldwide, tens of thousands of event professionals were left unemployed and millions of festival goers had to find other activities for their summer weekends. Meri Jaakola, a festival production freelancer, looks into how the summer without events appeared in her social circles, largely consisting of event production professionals and avid festival attendees, in Finland.

  • What we did last summer…academy

    The first ever Arts Management course at the Sibelius Summer Academy took place last week. Because of the current situation with COVID-19, the entire course was held online with participants from all over the world. Lisa Bomash and Jenni Pekkarinen reflect on the pros and cons of the online setting, their course experience, and insights from the lectures. Views of several other programme participants are presented here as direct quotes.

  • Conversation with Dr. Franco Bianchini: European Capitals of Culture, the impact of the pandemic and possible future political scenarios

    Dr. Franco Bianchini, a Visiting Professor at the Sibelius Academy, is a prominent expert in the fields of cultural policy and cultural planning. His research and publications cover a wide range of themes, including culture-led urban regeneration, cultural diversity, and the relationship between arts and sport policies. Recently, Jenni Pekkarinen interviewed Dr. Bianchini about his background, European Capitals of Culture, the impact of COVID-19, and his current topics of interest.

  • In Russia: studying production and producing performing arts

    Lisa Bomash caught up with Artem Titanian, theatre producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and a 4th-year Arts Management department student at the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (formerly Saint-Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy). Artem discussed his views on the state of the performing arts field in Russia, the scope of the curriculum, and shared his plans for the future.

    Key words: Russia, cultural policy, theatre, studying production, touring in Russia

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