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  • How to study trip during the times of uncertainty

    Planning and executing an international study trip is part of the Arts Management degree programme. There is even a special association, the Association of Sibelius Academy Managers of Arts, that all new students join to arrange the trip in an orderly fashion. The study trip is an opportunity to get an overview of artistic practices from other countries and form new connections. This is a short story about arts management students from the 2019 intake planning their study trip. In a way it reflects the nature of work in the arts – we make things happen with flexibility, resilience, belief in what we do, and some luck.

  • Selkokulttuuri ry. From idea to action

    Selkokulttuuri ry is a young association with the goal of making high-quality artistic content accessible to everyone regardless of their level of Finnish language. The association grew out of an idea explored by students during one module of their Arts Management degree.

    This piece has been written collaboratively by members of the Selkokulttuuri board, all arts management students of the 2019 intake. Read on to learn how to turn an idea into reality and start an art association in Finland in the middle of the pandemic.

  • Traditional arts, digitalisation, and role of education in rural India

    Badarinath Gella is an aspiring entrepreneur and yoga teacher among many other things. After studying and working in Europe he went back to India to help solve pressing problems there and explore the opportunities his home country presents. Lisa Bomash talked to Badarinath about digitalisation and arts in the rural areas of India, entrepreneurship, and education.


    In this blogpost Arts Management student Lilja Lehmuskallio takes a look into the intricacies of the thesis process at the Arts Management department and shares intriguing examples of theses written by former students of the programme. Keywords such as Cultural Policy, Feminism, Leadership, Instrumentalism, Race, Civic activism, Fundraising, Music festivals and Strategic planning will serve as hors d’Ĺ“uvres for the reader.

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