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  • PP for Postponement

    Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the Performance Philosophy Problems conference has had to be postponed by one year, to June 2022. The long state of exception that still continues in different ways in different parts of the world supplies the event with two totally new kinds of problems that were not within the view when the theme of the Helsinki conference was initially decided (after the previous PP conference in Amsterdam in 2019).

  • Discussions on Artistic Research, Postdoc circle meetings continue

  • Post doc circle meetings 2020-2021

    Post doc circle is a series of meetings for postdoc and visiting researchers at Uniarts Helsinki. Four to five sessions each academic year are organized by the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke). They each focus on different topics related to artistic research.

  • Prekarisaation mekanismit tieteessä, taiteessa ja kanssatutkijuudessa

    Vieraileva tutkija Satu Olkkonen pohtii, miten pirstaleisessa hankerahoitusmaailmassa taataan tutkimuksen jatkuvuus.

  • Taideyliopiston dosentti Raisa Foster: Emme voi jatkaa itsemme nostamista muun elämän yläpuolelle

    Taideyliopisto on myöntänyt tanssipedagogiikan alan dosentin arvon Raisa Fosterille ajalle 1.4.2020-31.3.2025. Kyseessä on ensimmäinen Teatterikorkeakoulussa myönnetty dosentuuri. Lue Fosterin haastattelu.

  • P for Pandemic

    The Performance Philosophy conference at Uniarts Helsinki, held from 10 to 12 June 2021, will be organised in a hybrid form. The final organisational mode of the event depends on the nature of the proposals of its participants. The conference organisers encourage the participants to come up with solutions that contribute to the reconstruction of international academic culture. The deadline for the propositions is 15 December.

About this blog

Artistic research is one of Uniarts Helsinki’s specialities. In this blog you can read about latest activities in the field from our community and guest writers. The blog is currently updated by the Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke.

What is artistic research?

Taiteellinen tutkimus on yksi yliopistomme erityispiirre. Lue blogista yliopistoyhteisömme ja vierailijoiden kirjoituksia ja ajatuksia taiteellisen tutkimuksen ajankohtaisista ilmiöistä ja tapahtumista. Blogia päivittää tällä hetkellä Esittävien taiteiden tutkimuskeskus Tutke.