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SAAR 2024 in Finland

The Summer Academy for Artistic research will bring together doctoral researchers and supervisors for an intense and stimulating week in August in Finland.

The Summer Academy for Artistic research SAAR 2024 will bring together 18 artistic researchers and 9 supervisors for an intense and stimulating week in August. It will be organized by the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki). The venue for SAAR 2024 is Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre, in the city of Espoo.

The program and working methods 2024 are planned by prof. Mika Elo, prof. Otso Aavanranta and university researcher Pilvi Porkola at Uniarts Helsinki. The practicalities are coordinated by the SAAR network coordinator, specialist Michaela Bränn (Uniarts Helsinki).

SAAR is a joint Nordic project between the partner countries Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The summer academy provides a supportive setting where artists undertaking a research education (PhD candidates, Doctoral candidates, Doctoral students, or Research fellows in artistic research) from all fields collaborate, present their on-going artistic research, and receive feedback from peers and experienced tutors from leading academic art institutions. The summer academy aims to reflect the international diversity and scope of artistic research and to provide a stimulating intellectual environment. It seeks to clarify, discuss, and develop further emerging themes and issues arising out of the individual projects of the participants.

The activities of SAAR take different forms of intensive conversation, supervision, and shared practices. SAAR is based on the participants’ projects and activities centered around their projects as well as questions/thoughts generated by this specific context.

The SAAR network is coordinated by Uniarts Helsinki and governed by a Nordic Steering Group.

Each participating country and the partner organizations in the SAAR network select their participants internally and informs prospective applicants how to apply, as well as inform participants about travel arrangements.

The institution of each participant will cover the travel costs. Please contact your own country’s contact person/institution for more details after you have been accepted to SAAR.

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