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  • Suomalainen näyttelijä, etnisesti monenlainen näyttelijä?

    Näyttelijäntaiteen koulutusohjelma ei enää viime aikoina ole ollut se totaalisen valkoinen, perinteisesti ymmärretyn kantasuomalaisuuden linnake, jollaisena se joskus julkisessa keskustelussa on esitetty.

  • Survey for classical musicians

    Help us with our research by answering to our survey about coping with the pandemic.

  • Making Art Work

    In sociologist Stephen Duncombe and artist Steve Lambert’s recent ESA-Arts keynote ‘Making Art Work’ they argue that all art is instrumental, but to have impact and be æffective requires clarity.

  • A few words about neurodiversity in the arts and arts-education contexts

    The arts education institutions and the Finnish cultural sector must be open to discussing the abled-bodies’ privileges by facilitating and supporting research and artistic processes that concern and are developed by invisibly disabled neurodiverse persons.

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