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Anne Makkonen: Climpses to video archives

Greetings from the archives of dance programmes! Over the years, I find myself seeking distance, detachment and freedom from histories that progress through chronological time, linearity, continuities and meanings. Perhaps the past can be sensed also in the present moment as glimpses and layers, which our conscious minds simultaneously (of course) want and strive to organize, contextualize as interpretations… I had not either time or desire for argued and justified interpretations, so I ended up to archives looking for photos, videos and paper material related to dance eduction at the Theatre Academy. I picked out a some samples of video clips, photos and written documents – quickly, quite randomly and certainly guided by my own preferences. May they inspire us to sense and remember the past and create our own interpretations of it. 

Video compilation of the archival videos along the past 40 year in degree programmes in Dance and Choreography at Theatre Academy.

World­mak­ing and Con­tem­po­rane­ity – 40 years of higher ed­u­ca­tion in Dance and Chore­og­ra­phy

This bilingual publication (Finnish/English) collects and extends traces of a seminar that took place October 23rd at the Theatre Academy (Teak) University of the Arts Helsinki. The seminar was held on the occasion of Teak´s 40th anniversary of higher art education in dance and choreography. Seminar focus was on worldmaking and contemporaneity in dance and choreography in higher art education.

The publication aims at opening the potential for dialogue and conversation about dance and choreography pedagogy in higher art education with a local and international body of readers. Hence the publication may be seen as an opportunity for conversation about dance and choreography training in higher art education beyond the day of the festivity of the 40th anniversary.

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