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Enriching Classroom Musicking with Music Technology

Doctoral Project of Mikko Seppänen.

I am initiating my doctoral research in autumn 2021 with the aim to study, develop and pedagogically evaluate such music educational-technological methods and workflows that would be applicable into classroom musicking. My focus is on such technology-assisted music making methods that seem to open a new world of music educational possibilities when brought into the music making space simultaneously with acoustic and electric instruments and singing.

  • How to bring along music technology to classroom musicking so that it would at first hand serve collective learning, musical creativity and, above all, joyful interaction between learners?
  • What are the music technological tools to be utilized for such purposes?
  • What kind of teaching philosophy and music pedagogical skills are needed in order to reach these goals, especially if the technological tools available are not primarily designed for this kind of activities?

While focusing and clarifying these views my goal is to produce pedagogical material to provide methods and guidance for the music teachers in the field to enrich classroom musicking with music technology. By scientific research I will seek to build a framework for the objects, signification and choices made in the research.

Mikko Seppänen is a doctoral student in the Applied study programme with research emphasis at the MuTri Doctoral School.

Keywords: music education, music technology, classroom ensemble, musicking, music educational methods.

Future doctors in music

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