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Exploring Professionalism in Higher Popular Music Voice Teacher Education and Preparing for an Unknown Future

Doctoral project of Katri A. Keskinen

This doctoral dissertation project examines the future of professionalism and curricula in higher popular music voice teacher education programs in Australia, the United States, Finland, and Sweden. The project examines the evolution of the popular music voice teacher profession and supports the development of teacher education and scholarship in the field. The article-based dissertation is formed of three parts: (1) a systematic review on recent literature on popular music voice pedagogy, (2) a multiple case study on four existing higher education voice teacher education programs, and (3) a broader theoretical contribution building a vision of voice teacher education that acknowledges the unknown future of the profession.

The concept of professionalism has evolved during the past decades due to societal changes, such as digitalization and shifts in the market forces. Traditionally, the core notions of professionalism for popular music voice teachers have been expertise in voice science, pedagogy, and popular music genres. In addition to examining these core notions, the dissertation project investigates the ways in which voice teacher professionalism continues to expand and how these expansions manifest in voice teacher education.

Katri A. Keskinen is a doctoral student in the Research Study Programme at the MuTri doctoral school.

Keywords: Popular music voice pedagogy, professionalism, curriculum, higher education.

Future doctors in music

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