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Exploring the Impact of Collaboration on Artistic Practice: An Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Approach Through the Ontological Turn

Doctoral project by Jaime Belmonte.

This artistic research doctorate explores the impact of collaboration on compositional practice, drawing on the ontological turn to embrace diverse cultures and ways of knowing. Collaborations with professionals from different fields and cultural backgrounds provide a way of expanding creative horizons and engaging in ongoing learning and decolonisation.

Projects with a Sámi yoik artist, a choreographer, a visual artist, and an environmental scientist involve deep engagement with collaborators’ practices and perspectives, resulting in co-created works that blend yoik and Western classical music, dance, visual art and science.

This doctoral project contributes to the artistic and academic communities and society by developing new creative methods that can be applied across fields and disciplines. The use of the ontological turn as a theoretical framework has broader implications, offering a way of engaging with diverse cultures and communities respectfully and meaningfully while challenging dominant Western and discipline-centred ways of knowing and creating.

Keywords: composition, collaboration, interdisciplinarity.

Jaime Belmont is a doctoral student in the Arts Study Programme at the DocMus Doctoral School of Classical Music.

Future doctors in music

We have approximately 150 doctoral students enrolled at the Sibelius Academy. This blog offers a view to their research projects.

The doctoral students are a part of a research community which is a unique combination of artistic activities, education, and research.

Their projects cover a wide spectrum of topics in the realm of music, combining musical practices and different research approaches.

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