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Helsinki Cycling II: Short Distance Trips for a Relaxing Weekend with Your Bike

Summer is on its way! Let’s have a look at what are the perfect places for a chill biking trip, in and around Helsinki.

Hey everyone, I’m Rong, a second-year student at the Academy of Fine Arts. I really like bikepacking and cycling. In 2018, I went on a cycling trip around Taiwan. Since moving to Finland in 2021, I’ve been mostly doing weekend trips and commuting by bike. I hope to share some of my experiences with those who are new to Helsinki or are planning to come here, as well as those who are interested in starting their cycling journey but don’t know where to begin.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a few destinations near Helsinki that are reachable within a day and suitable for people with different physical conditions. If you enjoy mid to long-distance cycling, this blog is for you! Biking can be both accessible and inaccessible at the same time. You can simply hop on a city bike and start your journey, or you can choose to invest thousands in buying a bike and its accessories. The style of cycling varies, but it’s important to remember that just by pedaling, a bike can take us to places regardless of our speed. The simplicity of the mechanism is the most fascinating aspect of biking! In my opinion, bike lanes in Finland are well-built and generally well-paved.

Helsinki – Porvoo 50 km

Porvoo is approximately 50 kilometers away from Helsinki, a cute, small town with a distinctive character. A ride to Porvoo during the summer is absolutely wonderful, especially having an ice cream after lunch in the town. Along the way to Porvoo, there is a café called LaipomoKahvila, which is a popular resting point for cyclists. There are primarily two routes to Porvoo: the old road and the new road.

Helsinki – Järvenpää 35 km

Järvenpää is approximately 35 kilometers from Helsinki. It’s a town with a lake. On April 1st, 2024, I went on my first mid-to-long-distance ride of the season to Järvenpää to celebrate the beginning of spring and the time change. The ride to Järvenpää was pleasant and leisurely. Uniarts also has a Villa in Kallio-Kuninkala, which is very close to the center of Järvenpää.

Helsinki – Lahti around 100 km

Lahti is a small city located about an hour away from Helsinki by train. Unfortunately, I find myself repeating that things are quite nice in Finland during the summer, simply because they are. By the lake, there’s a café called Kahvila Kariranta offering a stunning view of the lake.

Rastila – Matinkylä (old metro line ride) around 25 km

Living in student housing in the east, with the Academy of Fine Arts situated in the heart of the city, I rarely have the opportunity to experience the above-ground landscape of west Helsinki. This is due to the fact that the metro line on the west side is underground. Since 2023, the end of the metro line has extended even further from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti, therefore I name it as the “old metro line ride.”

During the ride, the demographic shifts rapidly, so does the style of housing and the overall vibe of each neighborhood. It’s interesting to observe a city in this dynamic way.

Some closer locations within the metropolitan area


Seurasaari is located approximately 5 kilometers away from the center of Helsinki. During late spring and summer, it’s an extremely pleasant place to have a picnic with friends or simply go for a walk on the weekend. Unfortunately, bikes are not allowed on the island but can be parked near the entrance.



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