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Maija Närhinen

Experiments In Depicting

I am a visual artist who lives and works in Helsinki. I hold an MA-degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and am currently a doctoral candidate there.

As a working artist I am interested in assembling and building systems: the content and form of an artwork is created by a group of images, objects or parts. In my practice I prefer to use mundane and familiar materials and objects. My work consists of various methods of combining things and I bring together different ways of depicting. For example, I have worked with metamorphosis of images by attaching together large amounts of painted or printed images to build sculptural installations.


My DFA dissertation “Experiments in depicting” consists of five exhibitions and a written part. My writing brings out an artist ́s viewpoint to everyday images and objects, like, for instance, maps and cardboard boxes which I have used as material in my works. In my writing I discuss how my work, based on deconstructing, reconstructing and building from pieces, deals with the limits and possibilities of depiction, and how the concepts of similarity or recognizability are fundamental to my visual work.

I am interested in the role of actual real-life materials, and assemblages made of them, in the current digital era. In my text I also compare my working methods with the ideas present in the 1960`s conceptual art, in which the representativeness and materiality of the artwork – art-object – was questioned.




email: maija.narhinen@uniarts.fi

mobile: 050 3646611

Teaching, topics of interest

Installation, sculpture, collage. Questions of representation, depicting and materiality.

Teaching languages

Finnish, English

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