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Mireia c. Saladrigues

Behaving Unconventionally in Gallery Settings. Alteration in Cultural Practices for Rearticulating Relations among Makers, Objects, Audiences, and (Virtual) Museums

Mireia c. Saladrigues (1978) is an artist and researcher, or rather, an artist-researcher. Her projects build on extensive inquiries while the particular research methodologies are based on her artistic practice.

She defends that the artistic research is fundamentally different from the traditional academic research, since the first is interrelated with the creative processes and the particular languages of art, incorporating aspects that cannot be directly addressed from formal knowledge or written language.


Saladrigues is a candidate for the International Doctorate (DFA) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki University of the Arts. Behaving Unconventionally in Gallery Settings launches both studio and in situ implementations for documenting and fostering situations of agency that could renew the paradigms of engagement to/within art practices. It experiments with instigating occasions for misrepresented (human and non-human) behaviours that, within the conceptual (virtual and non-virtual) architecture of display, could be considered non-conventional and traditionally unacceptable.

The inquiry approaches cultural alteration as a consequent and simultaneous stage to social conditioning, and reacts on the reduction of the imaginative capital by proposing an artistic and theoretical re-reading of alteration and unconventionality as fertile “tools” of response-ability.

Some projects part of her research are: Her Museum (2011) I’ll Find a Place for You (2014), Radically Emancipated (in progress since 2011), A Specific Representation #1 (2014), A Specific Representation #2 (2014) and A Specific Representation #3 (2018), The Examination of the Gaze (2018),  Virtual Tour (in progress since 2017), and Martellata_14.09.91 .Saladrigues has exhibited in Europe, the United States, and Asia, including the Second Research Pavilion on the occasion of the 57th Biennial Venice. From the conferences and symposia in which has participated, she underlines A Case of Iconoclasm on the Tip of David’s Toe and The Very First Sensorium, which proposes another conference format.


Mireia c. Saladrigues’ most recent experience is: Manifestations ofArtistic Research.MA course of Artistic Research. Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Helsinki in 2020

She can offer specialised knowledge / teaching related to the following areas: 

1) Institutional Critique, Iconoclasm, Art Robbery, Art Guarding, general theory about Inscription of Culture and Responses to Art. Also about audience, publics (of art) and participatory art.

2) Digital engagements with art. In relation to projects like Virtual Tour and Invisible Forces she has approached and analysed the development of virtual environments and; mostly from practice. As an example, during 2019-2020 and along with KuvA Art and Tech, they developed an exhibition in virtual reality at the 3D model of the Mylly building during 2019-2020.

3) Printed matters and contemporary artists’ books.

Publishing has been a practice that she has developed since 2008, understanding the artists’ book as portable and affordable artworks, which have another tempo than this of the exhibition. She has collaborated with pubishing initiatives as, for example, L’Automàtica, an association specialised in letterpress and other old printing methods.

Her interest for printed matters has also taken her to work as a bookseller in La Central (BCN), in charge of the sections of Contemporary Art, Critical Theory. There she could develop the initiative of stablishig the first section of artists’ books in Barcelona. After this, she got involved in the beginnings of Múltiplos, the library specialised in books printed by artists that ever existed in the city. 

4) I can teach about Artistic Research, its different manifestations, and how specific methodologies play a role in its varied developments. I already held the MA course Manifestations of Artistic Research during Spring 2020, which focused on how AR happens instead of what it is theoretically speaking. That course was great fun to work on and, in relation to students’ feedback, it ended up being a support for the progress of their works. 

Teaching languages

Catalan, Spanish and English

Latest trust activities and memberships 

2015 – 2017 Funding memeber of the Catalan Assambleary Platform of Artists PAAC
2014 – 2022 Board member of Hamaca, Moving Image Platform

2016 – 2020 Funding member and former president of Cultural Assotiation Trama 34 

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