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New LAPS MA students 2023

New LAPS MA students started their journey in September 2023. The autumn has been busy and the first time this year’s cohort has been able to find a moment together on camera was at the end of a course with students from the Academy of Art Szczecin in Warsaw in December.

Photo: Lukasz Jastrubczak

In this group photo, among the students and staff from Szczecin, are new LAPS students Shaghayegh Ansari, Paria Mohajerani, Valpuri Raappana, George Rallis, Duncan Robertson, Maija Suominen, Xiaole Wang and Niko Wearden.

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The master’s programme in Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) was launched in 2001 as a Finnish-language degree programme, Esitystaiteen ja -teorian koulutusohjelma. Since 2013, LAPS has been an English-language, international and residential MA programme based in Helsinki. The objective of the programme is to enable artists coming from different environments, classes, cultures and upbringings to focus on their work, develop their research and map out the future of their artistic practice. This blog discloses the various aspects of the LAPS programme, from individual notions and statements by students to providing background for LAPS MA thematic interests.

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