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Niran Baibulat

By walking depicted – Producing interactions with environment by walking methods

My artistic research concerns walking as an art practice. Through and by walking methods I produce different shaping processes by which I construct the relationship to the environment. 

In the core of my thesis there are three walking projects. These walks are based on using constraints. Here I refer to the oulipian game where working with constraints produces potentials by which interactions are made. These constraints turn out to work like a script. They frame the strolling. It is about two partial events displayed in a form of an installation. First one, it is a walking event and the second one is working with outputs of strolling. I use analogy for that. To embody the process the concept of emblem is applied. By that I mean gestures of trajectory describing repetitive bodily movement.

Walking with the thread roll attached to my feet I access oak wood. I approach the woods by choosing elements of trees to scrutinise the place. I measure the distances by thread and count the steps. By these measures I acquire several representations of the walks and the method turns out to be machine-like.

Strolling in the urban place, the walking method here initiates resistance over the city plans and quarters dominance. Here, the resistance is wily and silent by masking it into everyday activity. In this method, the crossings are made near the parked red cars. The approach to the city turns out to be a visual game where I connect myself to volatile prospects. 

In the third walking method I reflect my family history to the suburban landscape. It reverberates echoing my family’s past by using the Arabic script on the snowy surface. By working with snow I create a symbolic relationship to landscape.  


walking method, interaction, relationship, constraints, producing and potentials

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