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Should this submission be published? Your conclusions.

On 9 December 2020 in the frame of KuvA Research Days 2020 KuvA Doctoral Program hosted a panel discussion concerning the challenges of peer-reviewing culture in the area of artistic research. The panel was organised in co-operation with the online journal RUUKKU–Studies in Artistic Research.

Artistic research has given many kinds of critical voices to the artist-researcher. Research gestures taking place beyond verbal language are encouraged and recognised, but the critical discussions are still mostly expected to be discursive. How to identify relevant peers if the scholarly voice is not supposed to be the default? How to cultivate media sensitivity in peer review processes? How to enhance the quality of research publications in a situation where both the format and criteria need to be negotiated? Should we introduce peer review processes in artistic research settings beyond academic publishing? Or should we, on the contrary, reconsider the relevance of peer reviewing in artistic research? How to negotiate situated exigencies with equalising protocols?

The panelists invited by the host Mika Elo (Professor, KuvA) were Otso Huopaniemi, (Professor, TeaK), Maarit Mäkelä (Associate Professor, Aalto ARTS), Annette Arlander (Visiting researcher, KuvA), Vincent Roumagnac (Postdoctoral researcher, TeaK), Otso Lähdeoja (Academy of Finland Research Fellow, SibA), and Lynda Gaudreau (Postdoctoral Researcher, TeaK).

The video documentation of the panel is available here https://vimeo.com/521594903

Read more about the peer-review guidelines:
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