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Socially sustainable internationalization of arts universities

Doctoral project by Outi Niemensivu.

My doctoral thesis will be a qualitative case study on socially sustainable internationalization of higher education institutions (HEIs). The study draws on the idea that culture can be used as a mediator in advancing social sustainability. The study will explore, how the internationalization of arts universities meets that idea and what kinds of roles diverse stakeholders take in the process. The thesis will be in the domain of Arts Management.

Outi Niemensivu is a doctoral student in the Research Study Programme at the MuTri Doctoral School


  • internationalization of higher education institutions
  • social sustainability
  • cultural sustainability

Future doctors in music

We have approximately 150 doctoral students enrolled at the Sibelius Academy. This blog offers a view to their research projects.

The doctoral students are a part of a research community which is a unique combination of artistic activities, education, and research.

Their projects cover a wide spectrum of topics in the realm of music, combining musical practices and different research approaches.

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