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Studios at the Academy of Fine Arts

What are studios like at the Academy of Fine Arts? What is the meaning of studios?

A tiny wooden chair sitting on a studio desk with some rice

This blog post not only gives an overview of studios at the Academy of Fine Arts but also announces the release of the Studio Documentary. I am extremely happy to write that the Studio Documentary series has been released and is now available for viewing on YouTube. This project has set out to explore the meaning of Artists’ studios. The objects that live in studios have wonderful stories and this documentary series gives space to those objects. Go and watch the most beautiful and fascinating documentary series ever!

What are studios like at the Academy of Fine Arts?

Each student gets their own space within the university to work and be. Some are individual, like mine, and some are shared. Studios are in general, in a large room with a high ceiling, and divided by moveable walls. The shared studios may be with 1-8 other people and can be divisioned with bookshelves and curtains for more privacy; or left open. Some students, especially doctoral students, have a studio outside of the university. The studios are individually styled and incredibly special. 

How big are they?

On my best-estimated guess, 8m2 on average. Kind of small, but an appreciable workable size. Masters students are said to get bigger studios. Studios outside of the university can be quite big. 

Where are they located?

Studios are located in large rooms on floors 1-4 of the building. Each department’s studios are kept more or less together. 

Who gets one?

During the first semester, Bachelor students don’t yet have a studio. From the second semester, Bachelor students get a studio in their chosen department. Masters students also have their own studios.

What do they look like?

Studios generally have a desk, chair, shelf, concrete floor, some kind of walls and the rest is variable decor depending on the artist. 

What can you do in your studio?

Make art, think and have coffee… and anything else.

What can’t you do in your studio?

Some studios have restrictions on materials. For example, in printmaking, the spaces are kept more clean, as compared to sculpture, where students are more free to work with messy materials. Loud noises are kept to a minimum so that the studios are for focus. 

How long do you have the studio for?

The student has the right to a studio for the duration of the expected time it takes to complete the degree. For example, a Bachelor’s degree takes 3.5 years and a Master’s degree 2 years. So for that time, getting a studio in the University is certain. If the student takes longer to complete their degree and becomes an N-year student, it is quite possible that the student won’t get a studio in the University. Also if a student goes on exchange, they won’t have a studio for that semester. 

If you have more questions about student life, studios or would like a tour, email kuva.student.ambassadors@uniarts.fi. Also, go watch the Studio Documentary series and share it with all your friends 🙂

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