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The Finnish sense of identity, and how it has affected me

On the day of Finnish identity 12 May, we asked our student ambassadors what Finnish identity means to them. Read directing student Homa Shokri’s thoughts.

As an international student studying in Helsinki, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique Finnish identity. Finland has a rich cultural heritage and a strong sense of national identity, which is shaped by its history, natural surroundings, and societal values.

To me, as a directing student with a deep appreciation for cultural differences and their impact on creativity, my encounter with Finnish culture has been both enlightening and transformative. Finland, with its unique traditions and strong national identity, has provided me with a wealth of inspiration for my creative endeavors.

#1 Strong sense of national identity

Finnish culture is deeply rooted in a strong sense of national identity. Observing this sense of identity has taught me the importance of recognizing and embracing one’s cultural heritage as a source of inspiration. The Finnish people’s deep connection to their roots has influenced me to explore my own cultural background and draw upon its richness.

#2 Simplicity and minimalism

One of the striking characteristics of Finnish culture is its emphasis on simplicity and minimalism. From the elegant and functional design of everyday objects to the clean lines of Finnish architecture, simplicity is woven into the fabric of Finnish society. By embracing simplicity, I have learned to communicate more effectively and create impactful experiences through my directing.

#3 Nature

Finland’s breathtaking natural landscapes and the Finns’ close connection with nature have profoundly impacted my creative perspective. Finnish culture places great importance on preserving and appreciating the natural environment. Immersing myself in Finland’s forests, lakes, and wilderness has allowed me to tap into a deeper connection with the world around me. Nature has become a wellspring of inspiration, providing me with a rich tapestry of visuals, emotions, and themes to explore.

#4 Silence and introspection

Finnish culture places a significant emphasis on silence and introspection. In the midst of Finland’s vast landscapes and serene environments, I have discovered the power of silence as a catalyst for creativity. By allowing myself moments of quiet reflection. Finnish culture has taught me the value of creating space for stillness and contemplation, enabling me to connect with my unearth unique ideas.

#5 Collaboration

Collaboration lies at the heart of Finnish identity. The Finnish people value teamwork and collective decision-making, which extends to the realm of creativity. Working with Finnish artists and creatives has taught me the importance of fostering an inclusive environment, where every voice is heard and valued. The Finnish approach to collaboration has enriched my creative process, encouraging me to embrace diverse perspectives and engage in open dialogue to produce more impactful and authentic artistic work.

#6 Language

Language is another important aspect of Finnish identity. Although many Finns speak English fluently, learning some Finnish phrases can enhance your experience. Although it is one of the most difficult languages, in my opinion, it is interesting to learn.

Finally, as a student in Helsinki, you have the opportunity to connect with a diverse and vibrant international community. By interacting with fellow international students and Finns, you can gain a deeper understanding of Finnish identity within a global context and forge lifelong friendships.

Homa Shokri, Master’s studies in Directing

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