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This is how the project proceeds

December 2017 

  • Uljas Pulkkis (Composer) presents the idea of a new opera to Markus Lehtinen (Opera Professor)

Spring 2018

  • Presenting the idea of the opera to USC Thornton School of Music 
  • Discussions with Glenda Goss (Libretist) and with Ken Cazan (Opera Professor, director)  

Fall 2018  

  • Production decision of All the Truths we cannot see opera is confirmed. MoU was signed in November 2018.  
  • Decision on schedule of the production at the Sibelius Academy 
  • Creative work and dialogue between Uljas Pulkkis and Glenda Goss intensify 
  • Preliminary co-operation agreement between Sibelius Academy and USC Thornton School of Music  

November 2019 

  • New opera production is launched to the public at Sibelius Academy Dean’s reception  

May 2019  

  • Ken Cazan visits Helsinki, Finland and the Sibelius Academy
  • Uljas Pulkkis (starts composing fulltime the opera after other projects

August 2019 

  • New ensemble of Sibelius Academy Opera begin their studies and they meet with Uljas Pulkkis 

September 2019 

  • Visual identity for the Opera is made 

October 2019 

  • Launching of the fundraising
  • Markus Lehtinen visits USC 
  • First duetto of the opera is performed by students of USC Thornton at the Fundraising Event in the Finnish Consulate`s Residence in Los Angeles

April 2020 

  • Students receive first draft of the vocal score of the 1st Act 
  • The website of All the Truths We Cannot See opens   
  • Confirmation of the casting in Helsinki 

May 2020 

  • Designing team meets online 
  • Ken Cazan meet online the students of the Sibelius Academy Opera for the first time. 
  • Thornton students and Sibelius Academy Opera students meet in a distant session 

August 2020 

  • Piano score of the whole opera is ready 

October 2020 

  • Orchestra score of the opera, first version  
  • Designing team meets (first drafts or set and costume designs ready)
  • Thornton: musical rehearsals

December 2020 

  • Designing team meets (final versions of set and costume designs ready) 
  • Tickets of the Helsinki performances go on sale  
  • Sibelius Academy: Music rehearsals for the singers 
  • First reading and Rehearsal tape recording with orchestra musicians of the Sibelius Academy 

January 2021 

  • Exchange students from USC Thornton arrive to Helsinki and begin their studies
  • Music rehearsals continue on top of other studies 
  • Making of the costumes starts in Helsinki  

February 2021 

  • Ken Cazan arrives to Finland 
  • Intensive week and master class of All the Truths We Cannot See
  • Visual designers from USA arrive 
  • Building of set and technical week at Sonore, Helsinki Music Centre 
  • Stage rehearsals with Ken Cazan begin

March 2021 

  • Stage rehearsals continue 
  • Orchestra rehearsals 
  • Assisting director Martina Roos (Sibelius Academy) travels to LA to work with Thornton ensemble 
  • Sitzprobes and stage rehearsals with Orchestra   
  • World premiere and performances of All the Truths We Cannot see in Helsinki, Finland

April 2021 

  • Finnish party and the Thornton exchange students travel to Los Angeles 
  • Set and costume pieces are shipped to LA 
  • Building the set and technique of the Opera in LA
  • Stage rehearsals with the director 
  • Stage rehearsals with the orchestra 
  • USA premiere and performances of All the Truths We Cannot See

All the truths we cannot see – a Chernobyl story

ll the Truths We Cannot See: A Chernobyl Story is an opera by Uljas Pulkkis and Glenda D. Goss. It is produced as a collaboration between Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy and the USC Thornton School of Music. Students from these institutions join forces in an opera production, which will premiere in Helsinki on 26 March 2021. The American premiere will take place in Los Angeles on 21 April 2021. All the Truths We Cannot See: A Chernobyl Story explores the explosion that happened at a power plant in Chernobyl, Soviet Union in 1986, as well as its reasons and consequences.

This blog reveals the background stories and people behind this project and also represents some expert articles discussing the relation between opera and the environment.

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