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Iona Roisin – Prologue: guilt and reparation haha

Dear reader,

Sorry that title is unnecessarily juicy there is no goss here. Wow so Kuvan Kevät has been over for a week now, I’ve just been chilling and spending money I don’t have etc. Sorry if you think I did too many gratuitous posts, gotta get my €€€

In the end I feel mostly satisfied with my work, there’s not really anything I would change about the film and I think I learnt some valuable things from working in a different way. I hope me and my brother can do something else together in the future or maybe I can work with some of the footage I didn’t use. Also it would be super nice to be able to show it in some film festivals next, though I’ve never managed to get anything accepted to anywhere before. Though I guess this is my most filmy film…

There’s a lot to try and work out now, in terms of living, practicing, finances, hopes and dreams etc. Boring bureaucratic issues like how do i register as self-employed in a foreign country and at what point will my student loan company stop chasing me down? There are putting more on my debt in interest than I managed to pay off in my 2 years of full-time employment… Pls abolish my debt Corbyn <3

As it’s unlikely I will be able to dedicate my time solely to ‘art practice’ (and I probably wouldn’t want to either) I need to have enough morsels of regular work to at least pay my rent and bills (do you have anything for me??) and I need to spend some time considering what I would want from my practice if I would like to work slightly away from the constant churn of the exhibition-cycle.

I guess at least for now I will work on identifying all the coffee shops in Helsinki that do free refills as I can’t afford a studio and research-wise I should probably go back to the beginning and do some basic learning, like I have read Kristeva but I don’t even know what a Freud is??

Do you wanna talk about the blog / the work / be friends?

Do you have any recommendations / reading / films / culture?

Can you help me achieve my dream of Clas Ohlson sponsorship?

Do you have any art or English related work for me? Or voice acting for commercials in HKI?

Hit me up:

Bye bye thank you for reading see you soon xxxx

Kirjoittaja: Iona Roisin
Student in the Time and Space subject area from the U.K., in this blog she worries publicly about all aspects of the Kuvan Kevät process.

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