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Meaningful Encounters

What are the reasons and motivations for an artist to become an entrepreneur?

What are the reasons and motivations for an artist to become an entrepreneur? And what kinds of value-based foundations can be identified in companies founded by artists, which we refer to as “art-ups”?

Meaningful Encounters – Value-Based Foundations of Art-ups, a study carried out among Uniarts Hub Pre-incubator participants in 2023-24, sheds light on how early-stage entrepreneurs in different fields of arts perceive the role of values in the early development phase of their business activities. In addition, the study discusses the internal and external motivations for artists to become entrepreneurs as well as their targets and aspirations as business owners.

Experienced contradictions between simultaneously being an artist, a member of an artist community, and an entrepreneur are also discussed. Finally, the article suggests ways to enhance and develop support for early-stage art-up entrepreneurs in the domains of education and public discussion.

Read the article in the Taju publication archive.

Meaningful Encounters: Value-Based Foundations of Art-ups
Writers: Kati Uusi-Rauva, Jenni Pekkarinen
ISBN 978-952-353-461-2 (pdf)
Uniarts Helsinki 2024

The publication is published as part of Uniarts Hub, the pre-incubator programme funded by the City of Helsinki. The programme has been carried out in 2022-24 by Open Campus, Uniarts Helsinki.

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