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NCP at Octoberdans 2022 Bergen 

October dance, or in Norwegian ”Oktoberdans”, is arranged biannually by B.I.T – Teatergarasjen in Bergen…

Kirsi Monni

Period: Thursday 20 –Saturday 29 October (core NCP time 20.-25.10) 

NCP network meeting in Autumn 2022 was held in the beautiful city of Bergen, Norway. In total, 29 students with the teaching and administrator staff participated in the International Contemporary Dance Festival Octoberdans. The students and staff participated in the festival performances and in the additional programme such as the Dance Dramaturgy seminar with several presenters, artist talks and reflective discussions about the festival performances. The teaching staff took part in PLUS meeting, that is dedicated to the pedagogical development of the programmes. In Bergen, the discussed topics were quality assurance and diversity.

Brief description of the festival

October dance, or in Norwegian ”Oktoberdans”, is arranged biannually by B.I.T – Teatergarasjen in Bergen. It is a small but distinct festival that since its start in the early 1990s has gained international recognition and holds a unique position within the field of experimental contemporary dance in Norway. The festival has served as a window to the world, both for introducing foreign artists to the Norwegian dance field as well as exposing Norwegian dance artists to a larger international circuit.  

In 2022 the festival states: ”The program is planned with the idea that you can see everything and disappear into the festival with us.” In all, there would be 60 different events and performances taking place over the ten days that the festival last, and both local, national and international guest artists will contribute. The discourse program is gathered under the title BURNING HEARTS with a special focus on dance criticism (with Performing Criticism Globally and Springback Assembly), and on dance dramaturgy with a seminar on the latter on Sunday 23rd at 11:00 – 15:00 and Monday 24th at 11:00 – 15:00 in which Bojana Cvejic will participate.  

The artists included Trajal Harrell (USA) Yeh Ming-Hwa (Taiwan) Anne Lise Le Gac (Frankrike) Carte Blanche (Norge) Daina Ashbee (Canada) Mónica Calle (Portugal) Harald Beharie (Norge) Phitthaya Phaefuang / Sun (Thailand/Norge) Mirte Bogaert (Norge) Rosalind Goldberg (Norge) Lisa Colette Bysheim (Norge) La Ribot/Mathilde Monnier/Tiago Rodrigues (Spania/Frankrike/Portugal) Ingri Fiksdal & Núria Guiu (Norge/Spania).

NCP participation

NCP in collaboration with MA Dance / KHIO was given the old offices of the Festival in Strandgata 205, nearby our hotel, as the NCP hub during the whole festival. There was a possibility to make lunch, share practices, discuss last night’s performances, and invite artist guests and others to share things with you there. 

Learning outcomes and methods

Through attending the festival, seeing performances, taking part in the discursive seminars, and creating a shared and self-organised space for exchanges and dialogues among the MA students, the aim is to reflect upon current tendencies and different artistic practices and approaches within the field of choreography and dance, gain insight into how the dance market operates, as well as gain more insight into the different school’s MA programs.  


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