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Doctoral project of Hilla Ben Moshe

This doctoral research aims to unfold the relations between the religious, political, social and cultural beliefs and values in four neighboring communities (Jewish secular, Jewish religious, Jewish ultraorthodox and Arabic speaking population) and early childhood music teachers’ practice, in the officially segregated multicultural education system in Israel, which lacks predefined curriculum for Early Childhood Music Education (ECME).
Finding and understanding mutually agreed intercultural practices, beliefs and values will be used to co-create, with early childhood music teachers from the different communities, intercultural teaching guidelines for music educators that, along with the recognition of the differences, will promote their sensitivity, understanding and involvement in intercultural education.

The research will adopt a sociocultural perspective within an ecological framework, combining semi structured interviews and a series of workshops. Alvesson and Sköldbergs’ Quadri-hermeneutic model of reflexive interpretation (2009) will be used to challenge the validity of prevailing interpretative frameworks and preconceived notions.

The diverse experiences related to religion, culture and politics, along with reflexivity and co – creation of these intercultural guidelines, can enhance self-awareness of the music teachers and contribute to the development of effective teacher education programs in multicultural countries.

Keywords: Early childhood, music education, interculturalism, diversity, reflexivity

Hilla Ben Moshe is a doctoral student in the Research study programme at the DocMus Doctoral School.

Future doctors in music

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