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5 reasons to apply to Uniarts Hub

Thinking about applying to Uniarts Hub? Here’s why you should do it.  

1. Concrete steps towards entrepreneurship 

In the art world we don’t have entrepreneurial training at school – actually we don’t talk much about money at all. This is a pity considering the fact that entrepreneurship is a valid option for most of the people in the creative industries at some point of their career. Our program gathers together all the crucial information about your possibilities and duties as an entrepreneur, from taxes to IP rights and insurances.  

2. Peer support 

Learning is much more fun together. In our pre-incubator program you get to share your ideas and be inspired by others in the weekly meetings. The small group of approximately 10 people is a wonderful community where you can share your thoughts, support each other and have interesting conversations. You’ll probably find some like-minded people – maybe even potential business partners! 

3. Pitching skills 

Elevator talk originally belongs in the business world, but don’t let that fool you. Whatever you end up doing in life, being able to wrap an idea into a convincing 3-minute package that is easy to swallow is a great asset. Pitching forces you to find the essential part of your own ideas – as the famous Einstein quote goes, ’If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’.  

4. Inspiring mentors and speakers 

The power of example cannot be underestimated. This is why we have gathered a pool of experts and professionals in the cultural industry to share their knowledge, experience and case examples with you. In addition to being experts in what they do, they can provide you with important contacts and networks that help you get started in your business.  

5. Find your own way of being an entrepreneur 

Even if money is a bit of a taboo in the art world, art and business can co-exist in many different forms. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean your business has to aim for profit, nor does it mean that you’re abandoning your artistic identity and selling your soul to capitalism – it means that your work has value and you need to provide for yourself just like everyone else. You can build a business that looks like you and your values, and our pre-incubator program is here to help you with that.  

Read more and send your application!

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Here you’ll get to know the Hub’s participants, inspiring people in the industry and thoughts on how to combine artistry and business.

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