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Data Ocean Theatre / Tragedy & the Goddexxes / VII. Exodos

Vincent Roumagnac’s project aims at scenographically exploring the troubles of the – climatic, technological, affective – contemporary collective condition of “submersion”, and at generating a poetic understanding of the phenomena, and – hopefully – a collective solace through art and research. Roumagnac is one of the artists-in-residence of Research Pavilion #5.

Light playing on water
Image: Seanography #0, Vincent Roumagnac, 2022

Postdoctoral artistic research project

Tragedy & the Goddexxes/VII. Exodos – is the last episode of the first artistic part of Vincent Roumagnac’s Data Ocean Theatre postdoctoral artistic research project. It consists of intertwining two sections: on the one hand, the carrying out, over the course of the three-month residency, of a collective artwork manifesting at the end of the residency through a mini festival of sea-attentive performances (seaformances), and, on the other hand, the staging of a series of research come-together (talks, presentations, discussions) taking place on the encounter between the artistic research project and the Research Pavilion 5 topic.

Data Ocean Theatre/Tragedy & the Goddexxes/ VII. Exodos/1: Seaformance Mini-Festival is the artistic outcome of the three-month process during which Roumagnac will invite three Helsinki-based artists in Suomenlinna studio to spend time with Data Ocean Theatre, proposing them to realize a performative act/object by/with/for the Baltic Sea, at the intersection of their artistic practice and the dramaturgical parameters of Data ocean Theatre/Tragedy & the Goddexxes project. The three proposals, plus one realized by Roumagnac himself, will eventually be presented as a mini festival during the Research Pavilion final event.

Data Ocean Theatre/Tragedy & The Goddexxes/VII. Exodos/2. Submerged Together is the second affordance of the proposal; It will take the shared form of a series of talks/discussions, over the course of the residency and at its end, based on invitations sent to the past two years Data Ocean Theatre project collaborators. This second section aims at producing and disseminating publically a synthesis of the first part of the postdoc project, both artistically and researchly, contextualized within the Research Pavilion topical frame «Puzzled Together».

Artist-researcher profile

Vincent Roumagnac (DA) is a Helsinki-based Basque-French discipline-fluid artist and researcher. Initially trained as an actor and a director, Roumagnac drifted away from “straight theatre”’s infrastructures and regimes of production to look at how the notion and practice of the “stage” transform through contemporary climate-morphing, techno-ecological conditioning, and media-hybridizing. He has proposed, and had been implementing with, the tentative eco-dramaturgical notions of “redirecting/deepening/reacclimating” the stage, and “reecologizing” theatre. He is also involved in investigative and transdisciplinary processes that implement the connections between art and research. In 2020, Roumagnac completes a Doctorate in Arts at the Performing Arts Research Centre of the University of the Arts of Helsinki based on the artistic research project ‘Reacclimating the Stage’. Thereafter, he initiates a four-year post-doctoral artistic research project titled DATA OCEAN THEATRE (D.O.T.). His work is currently supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Monitaide/2022).

Vincent Roumagnac’s Research Pavilion residence will take place in HIAP Suomenlinna from 17 April to 17 July 2023.

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