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Interviewing doctoral candidates: Mammu Rankanen

A Q&A with Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen, a dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue.

A person lying down on a rocky seashore.

What is the topic of your doctoral research?

A dancer’s embodied experience of inner and outer space framed with the Japanese time-space concept Ma.

What drew you to pursue doctoral studies?

After three decades of artistic practice as a performer, choreographer and pedagogue I felt that I’m ready to dive into artistic research based on my embodied experience, and to share and articulate understanding and questions which arise from this research.

What does artistic research mean to you?

At the moment, for me, artistic research means to be in the state of not-knowing, to create embodied methods and artistic practices around my research questions, to be in a journey and to travel a part of it together with fellow researchers and members of my artistic components’ research team. This research process has been really inspiring. The researcher’s perspective leaks out to many layers and levels of life.

Artistic Research

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What is artistic research?

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