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Pauliina Laukkanen develops trauma-sensitive dance pedagogy

A Q&A with, Pauliina Laukkanen, who has a background in dance and dance pedagogy.

What is the topic of your doctoral research?

I am developing trauma-sensitive dance pedagogy that promotes a sense of self and sense of connection. I work with adults of different ages and backgrounds. In my research I incorporate information from trauma research, body therapies, etc. to bring more elements that support the sense of safety in dance pedagogy.

What drew you to pursue doctoral studies?

I wanted to dig deeper into what possibilities dance and dance pedagogy have to offer to people, in terms of wider perspective of their lives.

What does artistic research mean to you?

I enjoy looking into the different elements of the creative power of dance and art and how to link them with other fields of knowledge and research. It is important to me that new knowledge through artistic research is based on the experience of art and life, not just on theoretical understanding. Artistic research can make different modes of knowledge more visible, such as intuitive knowledge.

Artistic Research

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What is artistic research?

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