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Meet the Academy of Fine Art’s Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors Anastasia, Anna Karima, Elle and Rong-Ci introduce themselves. Want to ask about fine arts studies? You can reach us at: kuva.student.ambassadors@uniarts.fi.

Anastasia (she/her), Bachelor’s in Printmaking

Languages: English, Russian, Finnish

I’m from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Before coming to Uniarts, I have already lived in Finland for some time and studied in a Finnish upper-secondary school. I really liked Finland and wanted to continue my education here. I wanted to study Fine Arts, and the Academy of Fine Arts is one of the best places in Finland to study that. I really love the Printmaking department’s workshop. It’s a large, open and light space, with lots of talented artists working there. I get inspired by being in the space, and seeing other students working on their projects. In the east of Helsinki, by the seashore, there is a small nature reserve called Uutela. There is a small peninsula, at the end of which is a large rocky area that goes down into the water. The wind is often quite strong there, and it might get chilly. But during summer I spend lots of hours there sitting by the shore, listening to the waves, and observing sailboats drifting between little islands of Helsinki archipelago. The place is quite popular with the locals, but it’s still possible to find peace and solitude there.

When I applied to the Academy of Fine Arts, I didn’t know much about the school, I was often confused and didn’t know where to turn. By being a student ambassador, I would like to tell more about the school to those who are interested in studying here, and share useful tips and information about Uniarts and Helsinki with others.

Anna Karima (AK) (she/her), Master’s in Time and Space Arts

Languages: Wolof, French, English and learning Finnish!

I am from Dakar, Senegal. I chose Uniarts largely by accident. I wanted to go back to school, started doing research and Uniarts popped up. My favorite thing in Uniarts is the amount of time that is dedicated to independent study. At first, it was a bit disorienting as it is very different from all the other schooling I have been through but I think it’s been working for me in some ways. My favorite place in Helsinki is more of a feeling. The feeling of summer more precisely, all the moments of eating ice cream on these big sun-warmed rocks in parks or by the sea, and biking home at or past midnight while there is still light in the sky. I used to live quite close to Lammasaari and would go there for a little walk occasionally. It is a really beautiful place and very interesting to walk among the birdwatchers with all their equipment. I have since moved to East Helsinki but every day to get to the metro, I get to walk through a small wooded area surrounded by neighbors walking their dogs. I do appreciate this moment of calm at the beginning of the day.

I wanted to become a student ambassador because it is quite a new role within the school so we do get some leeway and freedom to decide what that looks like for us. I am happy to meet people from the other academies and help with the welcome of new students, both as an ambassador and as a tutor. The notion of community is really important for me and this role has helped me in shaping what that looks like for me within KuvA and Uniarts.

Elle, Master’s in Printmaking

Languages: Finnish, English

I am from Australia 🙂 I researched all European art universities and KuvA (Academy of Fine Arts) fit my criteria of having a bachelor’s program in English, not too expensive and scholarship opportunities. My favorite thing is that I am an artist and that I am doing art.
My favorite place in Helsinki is my studio, followed by my home.
I encourage all artists to follow their interests, ideas and crafts by letting them know that art is supported and valuable.

Rong-Ci (they/them), Bachelor’s in Time and Space Arts

Languages: Taiwanese, Mandarin, English, Finnish

I am from Taiwan and I first came to Finland as an exchange student. I immediately found that the place fits the themes of my work. I have grown a lot since I moved to Helsinki. In KuvA I don’t feel the need to prove my works valid before developing them further. These are pretty much the determining reasons for me to decide to stay! My favorite thing in Uniarts are my peers. I get to meet different people on the campus, and that’s more than anything for an international student I would say. Also the darkroom and photography studio. These are amazing places where I enjoy being all by myself the whole day working on my projects. I like eventful places, such as Oodi library, the velodrome, Tapiola ice skating park, where I get to be in the crowd! I also love the sauna in my building. In HOAS (student housing in the Helsinki region) there’s usually a common sauna where the residents can go by booking a shift.)

Speaking of giving, I want to do my best to provide useful info for applicants. Guiding people to know how it really is studying in Helsinki and in Uniarts. When it comes to receiving, the student ambassador position is like a connecting point where I get to meet new people, and observe how things work in the university and in the Helsinki art scene.

Photography and editing by the Student Ambassadors of the Academy of Fine Arts: Anastasia Lapteva (@aasyalapteva), Ellenor Rose Nish (@studiomokii), Anna Karima Wane and Rong-Ci Zhang (@rrong.ci.zhang)

Life of an art student

In this blog, Uniarts Helsinki students share their experiences as art students from different academies and perspectives, in their own words. If you want to learn even more regarding studying and student life in Uniarts and Helsinki, you can ask directly from our student ambassadors.

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Am quiet interested in accepting your guidance towards nourishing my craft. Had been away art for awhile but what ever I do, my peace comes from within… connecting and practicing art.

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