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My Favourite Cafes in Helsinki

A collection of my most favourite cafes.

Retro kahvilan sisystys

Now that I ponder about it, I have so so many favourite cafes in Helsinki. I love visiting cafes. For me, they hold something special. A vibe of community, history and inspiration. I used to be a baker and a barista. As I have travelled the world cafes have been a safe space found everywhere. In cafes, I love reading, studying and chatting with a good friend. My go to order is a filter coffee with a splash of oat milk and a sweet pastry (preferably vegan). Read on honoured reader to find out the secret of my favourite spots. 

The most ultimate favourite 

Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo (Päijänteentie 29, 00510 Helsinki)

  • Opens at 7.30 am so I can write applications before class starts. 
  • Second cup of filter coffee for free. 
  • Housemade almond croissants. Their baker is from England and a wonderful chap. 

‘Paahtimo’ means ‘roastery’ in Finnish. My golly, they roast yummy coffee. They have two locations and the smaller one is my favourite. I have spent many mornings here studying with focus before class starts. The almond croissants are the best in the world. 

Because of grandma

Taikalamppu (Torkkelinkatu 21, 00530 Helsinki)

  • Super yummy apple pie and coffee.
  • Sometimes there is live music. 

Last time I had apple pie and coffee here I was delighted that in the evening a mediaeval band started playing. This cafe is a well-kept secret and really something different. The place is nearly 30 years old. 

To cafe with some nice furniture

Cafe Flemari 20 (Fleminginkatu 20, 00500 Helsinki)

  • Lots of plants. 
  • Australian cakes. 

Maybe this one is my favourite because it is the last place where I saw my best friend, who has now moved back to Germany. The atmosphere is stylish, earthy and modern. The barista was charming and put great investment into making the coffee fantastic. As an extra plus, the owner is from Australia, my home country. Some of the cakes were Australian-inspired. 

A popular classic

Johan & Nyström (Kanavaranta 7C-D, 00160 Helsinki) 

  • Second cup of filter coffee on the house. 
  • Quiet upstairs sitting area. 
  • Atmospheric decor. 

The coffee here is really good. Brick walls and couches add to a jazzy feeling. I sometimes sit at the very front, where there is a small window that looks onto the boats in the harbour. 

For the sea views

Cafe Ursula (Ehrenströmintie 3, 00140 Helsinki)

The sea captures dramatic moods. One can sip their coffee while being blinded by sparkling waves that deplore how magically happy the outside world is. Or one can nibble on a pastry while writing dark stormy poetry and looking at an equally grey frozen space.

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